Ce Approved Small Automatic Wafer Roll Making Machine,egg Roll Machine,biscuit Egg Roll Making Machine

- Feb 01, 2018-

This machine consists of 15 single-baking machine,filling machine, making machine, and forming machine.Machine use of high-quality electrical components, thermostat using Promise thermostat, one-person operation, convenient and practical. Continuous automatic filling material.Temperature control freely. Eggs look beautiful, the entrance of crisp, making simple investment, high returns. Automatic ice cream waffle cone is the most popular current food.

1).Automatic grouting, egg roll machine automatically open after mature, equipped with an automatic induction coil system;One man operation, convenient and practical;
2).High temperature thermostat adopts digital display, temperature control, uniform color cone;
3).Increasing heat preservation cotton, saving energy save electricity;The machine up and down for thickening plate resistance to high temperature;
4).Good safety performance, high capacity, high efficiency, Egg roll size, thickness can be debugging;
5).Can do stripe, grid, flat die cone of different lines;
6).Can do all kinds of grains, egg roll, corn millet/black rice, sorghum/purple potato/red bean sesame/banana/cone, etc;
7).Low oil low sugar, taste sweet and not greasy, taste crispy, for young and old.