Small Egg Roll Making Machine/egg Roll Wrapper Making Machine/egg Biscuit Roll Machine With Best Price

- Feb 02, 2018-

Brief introduction of egg rolling machine/egg roll making machine


In the production process, heating, cooling, control the temperature more accurate, to protect the superior quality of the product. Safety performance, high temperature, This can guarantee continuous production of products, the use of high efficiency, is the current domestic market production of high quality egg rolls the best ideal equipment.


1. After opening the box, install the handle, with water will be six pairs of egg rolls mold clean.


2. Connect the gas cylinders and use the electronic lighters to ignite the stoves to adjust the fire to the proper size.


3. Turn the handle, the egg roll mold evenly heated to about 200 degrees.


4. Use the afterburner to open the mold, with a brush on the mold coated with edible oil, with a moderate size of the spoon will be evenly mixed paste placed in the egg mold mold folder center, fasten the mold can be, in turn to work Six egg rolls mold, the first board has matured, then you can remove, and then in the inverted paste, continue to work in turn.