Continuous Balls Egg Roll Frying Machine

- Jan 31, 2018-

Continuous Frying machine is suitable for frying processing of Fish Ball, Egg roll, Tofu, duck neck, duck wing, chicken nuggets, hamburger, meatball, braised meat,etc 


Egg Roll Frying Machine Advantage:

  • Made of SUS304

  • Double layer belt make sure the color and luster of product evenly

  • Equipped with manual discharging device to prevent economic losses for power failure

  • This equipment complex adopts centralized controlling method and it is simple and easy to operate, which meets the demand of bulk manufacturing activity.

  • Gas, electricity, and diesel can be used to provide heat source

  • This equipment size or design can be customized according to your request.

  • The frying time and temperature can be adjusted automatically 

  • Form an automatic line connected with other relevent machines.