What are the applications and advantages of hot air rotary furnaces?

- Jul 05, 2019-

1. Wide range of baking. Such as bread, cakes, moon cakes, peach cakes, snacks, cookies, apricots, French sticks, toast, hemp cakes, etc. can be used for baking.

2. The furnace adopts direct combustion type, hot air circulation system, and the baking is very uniform, the product has good baking effect and uniform color.

3. High security and low failure rate. The stove of the hot air rotary furnace is heated by unique materials and special methods, and is long-lived and easy to repair.

4. The heating method of the hot air rotary furnace can be customized according to customer requirements for coal, oil, steam, electricity and other heating methods.

5. Low fuel costs. Continuous baking for 12 hours, coal burning not more than 80 kg, the price is very high.

6. The coal inlet and the slag outlet can be installed outdoors, and no black smoke is generated when burning. The coal-fired furnace is self-contained and can be repaired and replaced by the user.

7. High output. Easy to operate, the whole vehicle comes in and out, 32 disks at a time.