What is the difference between an electric oven and a gas oven?

- Jul 05, 2019-

1. Gas ovens and electric ovens have different heat sources

The electric oven must be powered, and the oven can be replaced where it is placed, as long as it is close to the power supply. The gas oven must be gas, natural gas and gas. The gas oven is fixed and cannot be moved freely. It is necessary to have the professional install according to the instructions. There must be a flue exhaust duct. The installation should be similar to that of a gas water heater. Pay attention to the safety of the gas during use.

2. Gas oven and electric oven are different in size

Gas ovens are generally large in size and large in capacity, and can be used to cook a large amount of food, which is generally used as a commercial oven. Electric ovens are basically household, and of course commercial.

3. Gas oven and electric oven are different in efficiency

The gas oven heats up quickly, preheats quickly, saves energy, in other words saves money, and the food is released quickly. It is a commercial oven used by typical professional chefs. The electric oven heats up slowly, the preheating is slow, and it needs three-way electricity to meet the power supply needs. The home is more suitable, especially for those who are learning to bake. In fact, people who don't bake do not use a gas oven because the gas oven has a high temperature and is easy to scorch food. The initial use requires running-in. The temperature of the electric oven is stable, and the color of the finished product is relatively uniform, suitable for beginners.

4. Energy saving in gas ovens and electric ovens

Electric oven power ranges from a few hundred watts to one or two kilowatts, and the power consumption per hour ranges from a few tenths of a degree to one or two degrees. In the past, commercial gas ovens were used. At that time, the fuel gas (basically gas and natural gas) was cost-effective. About half of the fuel cost could be saved compared with the current electricity bill. At the time, the power capacity that the power sector could provide was generally small. The oven can't be used. Now the cost of gas and electricity is almost the same, and the electrical capacity of the household is enough to use the electric oven, and it is easy to increase and expand, so most of the current domestic ovens use electricity, and use a lot of computer program control. In order to control, the current gas oven still needs to be connected to the power supply. If you use a two or three kilowatt oven for home use, it is more convenient to use an electric oven. If you use a seven or eight kilowatt, tens of thousands of watts oven, you can use a gas oven.

5. Maintenance of gas ovens and electric ovens

In terms of safety, the electric oven is safer and more durable than the gas oven. The electric oven is generally small, and the maintenance is simple and convenient, and it is easy to clean. The household electric oven is beautiful in style, with more options and sizes, and is suitable for a wide range of applications. Gas ovens are fast-heating and large in capacity when baking large quantities of food, making them ideal for commercial use.