How to grasp the business opportunities of the baking industry?

- Jul 31, 2019-

    In our country, there are many kinds of baked goods, such as biscuits, bread, cakes, cakes and so on. For the production of biscuits, the basic steps of raw material pretreatment, dough rolling, forming, cooling, and packaging are required. The equipment used includes powder mixer, mixer, proofing box, molding machine, rotary furnace, tunnel furnace, cooling equipment, etc. .

    At present, biscuits have gradually realized automation and large-scale production. In fact, in the baking industry, not only these devices, but also ovens, roasters, bread machines, food metering equipment, egg beaters, etc. Professional and efficient baking equipment is an integral part of the production of automated, mechanized baked goods.

    The above-mentioned baking equipment is continually enriched thanks to China's food machinery equipment manufacturing industry.

    It is undeniable that China's baking equipment manufacturing industry has indeed achieved certain results, but there is still a certain gap compared with foreign manufacturing. Most of the baking equipment is low-end products, low technology content, low product life, low product added value, etc., mostly at the low end of the value chain. In addition, some enterprises have low investment in scientific research and insufficient research and development capabilities. They have been imitating production for a long time, and the phenomenon of product homogenization is serious, which leads to a vicious circle of low-price competition and a worrying survival situation.

    Therefore, we should actively promote new technologies. Such as frozen dough technology, pre-awake, pre-baking and other technologies, reduce the intensity of manual operation, improve the convenience of production, and thus facilitate the automation and mechanized production of baked goods; food machinery and equipment enterprises must grasp the future of the baking industry mechanization, intelligence Towards the development trend, we must also recognize the problems existing in the current industry development, strive to be the amnesty in the industry, take the lead in the direction of high-end products, and strive to improve the level and competitiveness of domestic baking equipment.