China's food machinery industry needs to continue to exert strength

- Jul 31, 2019-

    Today, although the world population growth has slowed down, the number is still increasing due to the huge base. In addition, objective factors such as global warming, land desertification, local wars, and environmental pollution have become increasingly prominent, which has led to great challenges to global food supply, accelerate the development of agricultural modernization, promote the intelligent transformation of agriculture, and help the food machinery industry to innovate. Drives are becoming more and more important.

    From the perspective of the development of the global food machinery industry, traditional developed countries are still in a leading position. On the one hand, developed countries have higher economic levels, stronger personal consumption power, and relatively large proportion of processed food consumption expenditures; on the other hand, developed countries have strong industrial bases and mature food machinery.

    Germany is a famous industrial powerhouse. Its food machinery products are highly automated and advanced in production technology. They have good flexibility and flexibility in design, and also use a large number of advanced technologies such as computer simulation to effectively shorten the development cycle. One of the food machinery exporting countries.

    Southern European countries Italy is the second largest exporter of food machinery after Germany. Italian food machinery products are also excellent in performance, design, and cost-effective, and are well received by the international market. In addition, the US food machinery products are mainly based on processing machinery for fruits and vegetables, and the integration of mechatronics is outstanding; Japanese food machinery products have the characteristics of small size, high precision, easy installation, convenient operation and high degree of automation; French food machinery The product is superior in storage and preservation machinery, and combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology.

    For a long time, the development of China's food machinery industry has a large gap with developed countries. Relatively speaking, China's food machinery enterprises are small in scale, large in quantity, weak in technological innovation capability, low in automation and informatization, and the product quality is not guaranteed, and the life cycle is short.

    At the same time, due to the fact that there are very few universities in China that offer food machinery related majors, the industry professionals have always been lacking. Among them, there are cross-disciplinary backgrounds, and it is even more rare to be able to master theoretical and practical knowledge. Therefore, the shortage of talents is also a stumbling block to the rapid and sustainable development of China's food machinery industry.

    At present, affected by the economic situation, the manufacturing development of all countries in the world has entered a stage of deep adjustment. The United States, Germany and other countries have made efforts in the manufacturing sector and vigorously promoted important strategies such as “re-industrialization” and “manufacturing return”. As a major segment of the manufacturing industry, the food machinery industry has also ushered in greater development challenges.

    In order to promote the development of the food machinery industry, in recent years China has issued a number of policies to guide and support. For example, the Agricultural and Food Science and Technology Development Plan (2009-2020) regards the development of food equipment as the main development direction; the National Food Equipment Industry “13th Five-Year Development Strategy Research” clearly states that it is necessary to establish color, intelligence, safety, Service products produce new systems, etc.

    After long-term accumulation, China's food machinery industry has made remarkable progress. At present, China has basically established a complete, independent and complete food machinery industry ecological chain, with strong technical research and development strength, both food machinery production and market size are ranked in the forefront of the world. However, if you want to compete with developed countries and open a bigger breakthrough in the fields of high-end food processing equipment and smart food machinery, you need to continue to work in many aspects:

    First, it is necessary to strengthen the ability of independent innovation, continue to regard technological innovation as the primary purpose of industry and enterprise development, continue to develop food machinery products with core competitiveness, and actively integrate new generation information technology to promote the intelligentization and digital upgrading of food machinery. At the same time, we must strengthen innovation, management talent training, crack the dilemma of talents, and steadily promote the cultivation of professional talents and R&D.

    Second, we must pay attention to the advantages of differentiation, correctly formulate R&D and market strategies according to China's national conditions and global market conditions, rationally expand the scale of production, enhance the expansion of overseas markets, enhance the brand's influence, expand and strengthen enterprises, and comprehensively enhance enterprises. Survival and competitiveness.