Rotary oven machinery industry needs to take specialized production roads

- Aug 01, 2019-

    In recent years, China's baking market has developed rapidly. Rotary ovens, as medium-sized baking equipment, are indispensable in the mass production of bread, toast and other pastries. This year, the focus of the development of the food machinery industry such as rotary ovens in China is the adjustment of industrial structure. It is not feasible to expand the production volume by simply repeating the method of extending upstream and downstream. China's rotary oven machinery industry must take the road of specialized production.

    At present, countries around the world attach great importance to the development of baking machinery such as rotary ovens, and high-tech products integrating machine, electricity, light, sound and magnetism are emerging. The high efficiency of production, high utilization of resources, energy conservation of products, high-tech practicalization, and commercialization of scientific research results have become the development trend of packaging machinery in all countries of the world. This is also the development direction of rotary ovens in China. For China's rotary furnace production enterprises, it is not seeking the best, but the pursuit of excellence. Most of the baking machinery manufacturers in the United States, Japan, and Italy are small, but the degree of specialization is high.

    China's rotary oven should focus on the adjustment of industrial structure, product structure and organizational structure. In the adjustment of industrial structure, we must increase production concentration, promote specialization, serialized production, improve the quality of rotary furnace products and adapt to the market; actively develop and support a number of key enterprises with famous brand products, accelerate modern enterprises The establishment and improvement of the system will form an industry leader and participate in international market competition, thus accelerating industrial upgrading.

    In the adjustment of the product structure of the rotary oven, it is necessary to change the current low-tech content of the product structure, and eliminate a number of labor-intensive products with low efficiency, high consumption, low grade and low added value, learn advanced foreign technology, develop and produce. Efficient, low-cost, large-scale complete sets of equipment and high-tech products for production and sales, develop new, exotic and special packaging equipment, accelerate the upgrading of packaging machinery, and open up the international market.

    In the adjustment of the organizational structure of the rotary oven, it is necessary to set up an enterprise group across departments, establish a global concept of the big industry, optimize the combination of organizational structure, realize the optimal allocation of industry assets, unify thinking, strengthen management and form a new pattern of complementary advantages, division of labor and cooperation, and common development