Baking mechanized production is the development trend of the industry

- Jul 22, 2019-

    With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, baked goods have gradually become essential consumer goods in daily life, which makes the growth of baked goods more intense. From the sales distribution of net red zero foods launched in 2017, the proportion of baked snacks is over 60%, which is a fertile fertile ground for net red snacks.

    In fact, compared with other market segments in the catering industry, the baking industry is a highly standardized field, so it is easier to develop rapidly, coupled with the growing demand for the quantity and quality of baked goods by consumers, which has led to market size. And the capacity is constantly expanding.

    When it comes to baked goods, I am sure that everyone is no stranger. Baked goods are mainly a large class of foods cooked by baking and high-temperature baking process, also known as baked goods. Although the range of baked goods is wide, variety, shape and flavor, it mainly includes three kinds of products such as bread, cakes and biscuits. No matter which category, it is inseparable from baking equipment in the process of production and processing.

    With the rapid development of the food industry, modern baking technology has undergone earth-shaking changes, product quality continues to improve, new raw materials emerge in an endless stream, production equipment is increasingly updated, and product scale production trends are obvious. It is understood that a bread processing enterprise continuously develops new technologies, new processes and new equipments, and introduces internationally advanced bread production lines such as Germany and the United States to enhance product technology and ensure the unification of quality and taste.

    However, there is still a considerable gap between China's baked goods and other countries in the world. Whether it is processing technology, quality of finished products, production scale, variety of colors, there is still a lot of work to be done. According to industry insiders, China's research investment is insufficient, which leads to low automation in China's bakery food industry. At the same time, there are many single-machine products, fewer complete sets of equipment, more initial processing equipment, less deep processing equipment, more general-purpose models, special requirements, special materials processing. Less models and so on. Therefore, baking equipment manufacturers also need to strengthen research and development efforts to improve the competitiveness of the equipment market.

    In China, baked goods play an important role in the food processing industry and still have great market prospects. As the saying goes, "When a worker wants to be good at it, he must first sharpen his tools." Baked food processing enterprises must actively innovate baking technology and introduce advanced equipment to meet the needs of large-scale and standardized markets. However, baking equipment manufacturers need to continue to strengthen the research and development of related equipment, and help the baking enterprises to improve their market competitiveness.