Baking machinery industry needs to take the road of technological innovation

- Jul 22, 2019-

    In recent years, the baking industry has achieved a good development trend in China, and domestic consumers have become more and more accepting of bakery products. However, compared with foreign baking skills, China is still lagging behind. In the context of increasing market competition, the improvement of baking skills has become the key to industrial development.

    In the bad market environment of low-price competition, many domestic baking machinery manufacturers and brands are not prominent, lack of technological innovation, rely heavily on foreign advanced technology and lack of core competitiveness. At the same time, the rise in labor costs, coupled with rising raw materials, has greatly increased the cost pressure of many companies. It can be foreseen from the above phenomena that the intensive development model is bound to be the future development direction of many baking machinery enterprises.

    From extensive management to intensive management, that is, changing the mode of low-tech content, low management level and low economic efficiency, and moving towards a high-tech, high-capital, high-level management, high-economic quality, and high-economic efficiency.

Baking machinery industry needs to cultivate internal strength

    To take the intensive development route, the first thing that needs to be done is to change the concept, establish the concept of long-term development and formulate feasible goals and plans. At the same time, baking machinery companies need to move out of price competition and turn to cultivation. Emphasis on product structure optimization, product quality improvement, core technology mastery and innovation, and the expansion of corporate brand influence. Of course, this series of transformations requires enterprises to make more capital investment. In this regard, the baking machinery enterprises also need to make scientific predictions on the future input-output ratio according to their own circumstances, so as to selectively invest and make a gradual transition.

    Practicing internal strength and increasing investment in science and technology are the basis for the internationalization of baking machinery enterprises. All companies engaged in the production of baking machinery should clearly understand that the core of the future competition of baking machinery is the technological content. Only by strengthening investment in science and technology, and constantly improving the technological content of products, and developing high-tech products that are safe, effective, and distinctive, from the low-level price wars and advertising wars, to the high-level technical warfare, the brand can be created and mainstreamed. market.

Multi-channels to improve operational efficiency

    Intensive management is the ultimate goal of improving efficiency, and adopts an intensive development route. It is necessary to work hard to achieve the goal of "low input, high output". This requires baking machinery enterprises to initiate changes in many aspects.

    On the one hand, enterprises need to continuously improve the management level of enterprises, improve the overall efficiency of management, rationally optimize the department structure, avoid the waste of human resources and time, optimize the internal competition mechanism, and improve the professional quality of employees. On the other hand, baking machinery companies may wish to try high-tech operations, vigorously develop computer network engineering, and improve operational efficiency through the improvement of office tools.