Baking equipment to understand

- Jul 19, 2019-

    Baking of bread is generally used in ovens, etc. Nowadays, there are various types of baking machines on the market, such as electric ovens, baking ovens, tunnel furnaces, rotary furnaces, etc. Customers can select the corresponding equipment according to their own requirements.

    A good oven first needs a good seal to reduce heat loss and allow the bread to heat evenly during the baking process. For example, the bread oven produced by Heqiang Industrial has superior sealing and heat preservation, which greatly reduces the loss of heat. And the equipment will also combine hot air convection circulation technology and slow rotation car device to make the food parts evenly heated. The load of the water spray humidification device further ensures that the temperature in the oven reaches the standard. The operator can also clearly observe the food baking condition in real time through the glass in the furnace through the lighting system configured by the equipment, and make corrections if there is any problem.

    Good sealing is on the one hand, and equipment is easy to operate and equally important. With the rapid development of technology, many ovens are now automated one-button control, such as the far-infrared electric oven of Suichang Food, with automatic temperature control, timed automatic alarm, over-temperature safety protection, etc., while saving manpower and material resources. Achieve their goals. In addition, the far-infrared electric heating tube, the heat-reflecting plate, and the double-insulated and spacious glass window are arranged to greatly improve the quality of the equipment.

    On the basis of a qualified high-quality oven, different types of breads need to match the corresponding type of oven, in order to make the bread itself. Danish bread, such as canned bread, is more suitable for baking in a hot air oven, because the hot air stove can evaporate the moisture of the bread in a short time, making the bread taste more chewy. European and French bread can be baked in an open hearth to achieve a crisp and hard texture. Soft bread is also suitable for baking in an open hearth. If it is baked in a hot air oven, it will make the bread more dry and not soft. It can be seen that different breads need to be matched with suitable ovens, and manufacturers should not ignore this when purchasing equipment.