Development status of the baking market

- Jul 23, 2019-

Cruel competition, brand development is the key

The biggest competitiveness of baking companies lies in the brand. The better the brand image, the stronger the market competitiveness. In terms of current market conditions, the competition in the bakery industry can be said to be extremely cruel. In addition to the brand, there are small and small cake shops and western cake shops, which will affect the sales of the bakery food industry to a certain extent.

Production tends to be specialized and standardized

With the continuous introduction and implementation of national industry standards, many companies have developed a series of standards on raw materials, processing, production processes, products, testing, etc. on the basis of industry standards to ensure the high quality of products. In order to further ensure the quality of the products, many baking companies began to communicate with professional food and technology institutions, universities and related industries during the development of new products and the restoration of traditional products. In the basic raw materials, food additives, production processes Strengthening professional cooperation in packaging materials, packaging machinery, food machinery, etc., providing strong support for product innovation, product quality and product improvement, process improvement, etc., making the production of the baked food industry more professional. Standardize the road.

Two major changes in the demand for domestic baking machinery market

First, from the sales situation of subdivided products, the market demand for moon cake machinery is gradually decreasing, the market demand for cake and bread machinery is stable, and the demand for automated production lines has increased significantly. Second, from the time of sales, the current purchasers first After a detailed market inspection, the product will be optimized and selected. After careful consideration, the order will be placed. It is more cautious than the previous purchase. It also shows that the competition in this market is becoming more and more fierce. The growth potential of automated production lines is large, and fully automated production lines will become more and more common, and stand-alone products may be slowly eliminated.