Baking machinery companies take a differentiated route to narrow the gap

- Jul 24, 2019-

    With the increasing demand for baked goods, the domestic baking machinery market has been greatly developed, the upside has been extended, and the number of baking machinery companies is constantly growing, although the overall level of the baking machinery industry this year has Larger improvement, but there is still a big gap compared with foreign companies. To expand the baking machinery industry, many mechanical enterprises have to take different routes for different groups.

    In China, baking companies occupy an important position in the food processing industry and have developed rapidly in the past few years. Biscuit making, bread baking and snack processing have shown a diverse trend. Among them, the biscuit making market is relatively mature and perfect, with advanced modern batch processing technology, and the bread baking field is characterized by the combination of mass production and hand-made. Cakes, a traditional food, are often seen as foods that are closely related to culture and etiquette, and innovative techniques and ideas have led to greater development. Today, West Point production began to develop in China.

    Although the baking industry is about to usher in the future, there is still a big gap compared with foreign companies. In order to reduce these gaps, companies must take the lead in this high-end product and strive to purchase one third of the country. The baking machinery products will gradually win over and upgrade the level and competitiveness of the domestic baking machinery industry. However, small enterprises should take specialized production, improve and manage, improve the process, improve product quality and taste. Competitiveness.

    China will improve the industrial structure of the baking machinery industry, need to increase investment in scientific research, promote the popularization of high-end baking machinery products, focus on leading technology companies to build technology research and development laboratories, increase technology and capital investment, and produce high-end products. In the future, China's baking machinery products will develop rapidly in the direction of high-end, and the baking machinery manufacturing industry can also reflect the power of advanced technology and technology.