High-tech applications boost the development of the bakery machinery industry

- Jul 24, 2019-

    In recent years, the pace of modern life and the improvement of living standards have increased the demand for various baked goods. In baked goods, foods such as bread, biscuits and instant noodles have become the main foods of people, especially office workers. Young people, therefore, the outlook for the baked food market is even broader. The baking industry is inseparable from the processing and production of equipment. With the development of the baking industry in the north and the central and western regions, the market demand for baking equipment will continue to increase. It is necessary to seize this opportunity and require the joint efforts of industry companies to make the baking equipment industry, The company has a good development.

    As a equipment supplier, it is necessary to further specialize the baking machinery, customize the professional equipment for the production enterprise according to the product characteristics and actual needs, realize the automation and intelligentization of data memory retrieval, counting and materialless shutdown, which is convenient and fast. Processing quality, avoid material waste, and improve effective production efficiency.

    As a food machinery manufacturer, we must not only grasp the quality, but also correctly guide the users of the equipment. How to operate the machinery correctly, how to effectively avoid the unsafe factors, one more test at each link, each person has one more responsibility, food Security issues are no longer a difficult problem to overcome.

Traditional food machinery is insufficient

    Traditional food machinery has many shortcomings, the most obvious of which is inefficiency and manual operation. To be innovative, we must start from these two aspects to improve efficiency and automation.

    A correspondingly low production efficiency wastes a lot of time, money and energy. Over time, its development is very slow, and it is necessary to improve the efficiency of food processing. Mainly by Mechatronics technology and light, electricity, liquid, automatic control technology, etc., the continuous production equipment replaces the intermittent production equipment, the specialized production equipment replaces the general production equipment, replaced by humanized production equipment Small production equipment. Continuous production, specialized operations, automated adjustment, and large-scale operation of the production line can also improve production efficiency and economic benefits.

    In the era of intelligence, machinery can be very intelligent, and intelligent and automated food machinery is bound to become one of the development trends. For example, new intelligent devices such as high-intelligent CNC systems, encoders and digital control components that are currently on the market have also been widely used. In packaging machinery, these smart devices can be more independent, flexible, operationally correct, efficient and compatible during operation.

    If you want to develop, you must innovate. If you are stagnant, you can only stay in place, keep up with the trend of the times, introduce new technologies, and have a good development if you want to produce high-efficiency, high-level intelligent and automatic food machinery and equipment.

High-tech applications boost the development of the bakery machinery industry

    At present, the baking machinery machinery manufacturing industry is mostly dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, but basically lacks strong scientific and technological research and development capabilities, which makes many small enterprises start to copy, but the products manufactured are not relevant. The food machinery industry spans multiple sectors and it is difficult to conduct effective national unified management. The technology that has been widely promoted in developed countries is still in the research and development stage in China, but it has not been able to find a breakthrough. The road to future development is still very long. The development of the baking industry will be continuously updated. The research and development of technology will promote the upgrading of products, and the expansion of enterprises will accelerate the concentration of the industry.

    The baking industry has become an industry that can't be met for the speed of today's social development. Baked goods such as biscuits, cakes and bread have become the necessary food for some people. Leading the bakery products in the food industry, high-tech applications, will give more power and hope in the future development of the entire food machinery industry.

    Baked goods such as cakes, breads, jujube cakes, etc. have become one of the indispensable foods in people's lives. In addition, people are now making too fast a rhythm, and they have gradually become staple foods, especially those who work young. The development of the food machinery industry has been very stable. The highest market share is the baking equipment. According to the relevant survey data of the market, the sales of traditional food machinery have declined, while the western food machinery, cake boxes and baking boxes The sales of such equipment are relatively stable. If the food machinery industry is to develop forward, innovation is the only way.