Demand for baked goods drives the baking machinery market

- Jul 25, 2019-

    With the rapid development of the economy, the acceleration of the urbanization process, and the deepening of the construction of a comprehensive well-off society, the living standards of the Chinese people have increased significantly, and the lifestyle and consumption structure have undergone significant changes. While satisfying food and clothing, people have gradually increased their travel and leisure activities, and began to pursue a healthy and fashionable way of eating. Baked goods are increasingly favored by consumers because of their characteristics of being easy to carry, convenient, and fashionable. Relevant data shows that in the past few years, China's baking machinery industry has developed rapidly, and sales and output value have increased year by year.

The baking machinery market is hot

    Baking machinery refers to moon cakes, cakes, cakes, breads, cakes, snacks and puffed foods, confectionery, chocolate and other processing equipment and utensils, molds, ovens, ovens, stuffing woks, sandwich pots, eggbeaters, quick-freezing tunnels, Packaging machinery, inkjet printers, coding machines, metal detection equipment, testing equipment, coffee shop production equipment, etc.

    China's baking machinery industry has a history of 20 years of development, and has a considerable brand influence and market size, which has a huge impetus to the development of China's bakery food industry, while many baking machinery enterprises have been greatly developed. The products have been exported to foreign markets. China's baking machinery industry has gone through all stages, from weak to strong, and some powerful baking machinery enterprises have mastered the world's advanced technology.

    Baking machinery is an important part of China's food machinery industry. The 12th Five-Year Plan period is a crucial period for China to properly cope with major changes in the domestic and international development environment and accelerate the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way. It is also a key period for the healthy development of China's baking machinery industry. Although there are many uncertainties in the external environment, China's economic development is still in the period of rapid growth. The comparative advantage of China's baking machinery in the international market still exists, and the domestic baking machinery market is expected to continue to be optimistic.