How does the dough mixer work?

- Jul 19, 2019-

The working principle of the dough mixer: the unique structure, the replacement of the seal and the bearing is more convenient and easy. The dough mixing process is mixed under vacuum under pressure to make the protein in the flour absorb the moisture in the shortest time and form the best gluten network, and the dough is smooth, so that the toughness and bite of the dough are optimal. The dough is slightly yellow and the cooked thin strip is translucent. The draft rate is high, and the machine's draft rate can be normal when it is between 38% and 55%.

Application of dough mixer: Each shift must be assigned to a person who is familiar with the performance of the equipment. Check whether the electrical parts are well insulated and the motor grounding is reliable before driving. Do not press the switch button with wet hands. Have an electrician to deal with the problem. According to the machine regulations, the dough is poured into dry flour, and it is not allowed to be overloaded. Regularly refuel according to machine maintenance requirements. When you are in the face, cover the cover. Do not put your hands or other hard objects in the face to avoid dangerous accidents. When the surface is taken, the power must be cut off. After the power is twisted, the chassis is tripped and then taken. If it is not cleaned, it must be cut with a knife, then go to the car, and no one can take the other person to pick up the car. The operation is not to touch the rotating parts. If abnormal sound, looseness, debris, vibration, etc. are found to be abnormal, stop the inspection and repair.

The characteristics of the dough mixer: add appropriate amount of lubricating oil to each oil hole or oil cup of the dough mixer and keep adding 2-3 times per shift. Turn on the power and check the direction of rotation. The stirrer should be turned back and run smoothly without abnormal noise. After 30 minutes of empty car operation, review the solid parts and work again. All adopt gear reduction drive structure, which has the advantages of simple structure, compact, convenient operation, no complicated maintenance, long service life, etc. Face bucket, stainless steel material And special surface treatment, professional and noodle machine absolutely meet the sanitary standard. Noodle machine installation and commissioning: the machine four feet should be flat, multi-function and noodle machine reduce vibration; connect the ground wire at the equipotential terminal block at the bottom of the rack In case of leakage, danger occurs. Check if the fasteners are loose, check if the power cord switch is intact. Add proper amount of lubricant to the gear.