Analysis on the development of domestic rotary oven market

- Jul 11, 2019-

    Rotary oven is a medium-sized baking equipment that uses a variety of different energy sources to heat the combustion chamber, and sends hot air into the oven through a heat exchanger and a fan to bake the food in the oven. Because it is heated by hot air, it is also called: "hot air rotary oven". This equipment is suitable for the production of larger quantities of products. Can be baked: bread, toast, French stick, moon cake, small cake, wife cake, egg yolk pie, puffs and various meat, seafood and other food processing purposes.

    At present, the demand for the baking market in China is growing. It is understood that the annual compound growth rate (CAGR) of the Chinese baking market in 2010-2014 is as high as 35%, from more than 30 billion yuan in 2010 to 135 billion yuan in 2012. However, in terms of per capita bread consumption, it is still far below several neighboring countries and regions. The average annual consumption of cakes per person in China is about 5.09 kilograms. In Korea and Hong Kong, which have similar dietary habits in China, the average bread per person is 8 kilograms per year. Among them, the market potential of 3 kilograms per person has yet to be explored.

    The growing roasting market has made the demand for rotary ovens even hotter, but at the same time, market competition has become increasingly fierce. In the words of the industry, although the market cake has become bigger, the more people compete for cakes, the greater the choice of consumers. In such a market environment, rotary oven manufacturers must improve product quality, seize customers with brands, and also need to increase research and development efforts, have their own product core technology, and stand out in the increasingly homogenized market.

    According to the current domestic rotary oven market demand, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the development of small-scale factories or the current hot-selling small-scale hot air rotary oven will be more popular in the market. In addition, China's rotary oven is also intended to enter the European and American markets. It is expected that this part of foreign trade will account for 40%-50% of the sales of brand enterprises. It is far easier to enter the European and American markets with higher mechanical level and to win a place. It requires constant product renewal, continuous optimization of appearance, continuous improvement of product quality, automation, enterprise management level and staff quality skills. However, in some developing countries such as Southeast Asia and Africa, the products made in China are still relatively advantageous in terms of price. It is advisable to try this market first. After the development of the industry is more mature, the technical strength is known, and then it will be transferred to the European and American markets.