The oven technology level is improved to meet the diversified needs of the market

- Jul 12, 2019-

    At present, many domestic gas oven manufacturers are committed to product research and development and quality improvement, constantly improve product technology level and quality performance, to meet the diversified needs of the market, coupled with the advantages of China's products with high cost performance, it is expected that China's gas oven in the next few years The share of production and sales in the global market will further increase, and the growth rate in the next three years will reach double digits.

    Over the years, with the booming domestic gas oven manufacturing industry and the increasing cost of production, the domestic gas oven export has occupied a place in the overseas market and has become an important production base in North America, Oceania and Europe.

    Gas is the main source of energy in Europe and North America, and the gasification rate is very high. Gas ovens have a wide market demand in Europe and North America. Due to food culture and lifestyle habits, European and American people have strong demand for outdoor ovens and heaters. Therefore, these two types of products account for a large proportion of China's gas oven exports.

    It is reported that with the popularity of barbecue activities, overseas markets such as Europe and the United States have a large market demand for the main cooking utensils represented by charcoal ovens, gas ovens and electric ovens. For example, in 2009 alone, the demand for ovens in the entire North American market was about 15 million units, and the market capacity in Oceania was about 890,000 units. The survey by European institutions indicated that in 2008, the entire European market was on the oven. The demand is about 7.35 million units. In recent years, gas ovens have gradually become the mainstream in the market based on changes in environmentally friendly, clean and convenient use. According to the statistics of the North American Professional Association, the market share of gas ovens has increased from 46% in 1995 to over 61% today.

    However, if companies want to maintain a competitive advantage in this ever-expanding market, it is necessary to focus on R&D and production from simple concerns to reduce manufacturing costs, to energy conservation and emission reduction, increase new energy use and environmental protection, in order to win new development opportunities.