Where Corn Harvest There Corn Machine Market

- Jan 24, 2018-

Market analysis of the end of the year-end, the price of corn in 2018 is a peasant friends most concerned about the topic, then, 2018 corn market how will change? There are three views here: The first one is that in view of the decrease of corn stocks of peasants in 2018, the price of maize will rise to 0.9 yuan in spring 2018. The second one thinks that the relationship between supply and demand of maize is no longer Tense, corn prices are more likely to fall; and the third person is to maintain a neutral attitude, that corn prices only in the case of real rise and fall can see the market trend.


The price of agricultural products has always been a "barometer" of our economy. As a kind of agricultural products, the price fluctuations of corn will directly affect many aspects, such as the income of farmers and the stability of the corn machine market. For agricultural machinery market, the most concerned about the nature of the corn machine market.


In 2017, the entire agricultural machinery industry is in a downturn. The sales of the traditional big four are the most affected. Among them, there is corn machine. According to the association data show that in 2017 the corn machine industry appalling, the mainstream business sales scary, and even some companies sales of zero, which is a corn machine industry is a hit, in the past the emergence of large quantities of corn harvester enterprises All disappeared. Corn market for the dilemma, and more attention to corn prices or a better way out.


The trend of corn price in 2017 can be described as a soul-stirring, affected by the policy of "food reform". In 2016-2017, the corn acreage in China was reduced to nearly 70 million mu, causing a profound "turmoil" in the entire corn market chain. The price of corn The joint and several changes have taken place. Under the circumstance of continuously decreasing corn acreage in two consecutive years, the area under maize cultivation in our country still remains above 30 million hectares. Although the price of maize is not the only standard for testing the corn machine market, the price trend indirectly reflects The future direction of corn machine market.


Some analysts said corn prices have to rise in 2018 for two main reasons: First, the total output and total area of maize have dropped in all regions in 2017, and the situation of oversupply in maize will be broken; the second is that in 2018, the deep-processing industry Significant increase in production capacity, associated with digestibility of corn increased by at least 10 million tons, the price of corn has played a strong supportive role. In addition, some starch and alcohol enterprises in the Northeast are actively expanding production capacity, combined with the country to promote ethanol gasoline, will also increase the digestibility of corn.


In general, the pattern that maize prices will continue to grow in 2018 will also be a boon to the corn machine industry, where there is a market for corn machines wherever corn is harvested. 2018 has come, the downturn in 2017 is also the end of time, looking forward to corn machine market bottomed out, hit a beautiful turnaround.

Article link: China Food Machinery Network