Rotary Oven

- Jan 25, 2018-

Rotary oven is a use of a variety of different energy sources to heat the combustion chamber, through the heat exchanger and fan to send hot air to the hearth, and then cooked food medium baking equipment. Because of its heated by hot air, it is also known as: "hot air rotary furnace." The device is suitable for a large number of products. Can be baked: bread, toast, law sticks, moon cakes, small cakes, wife cake, pie pie, puffs and all kinds of meat, seafood and other food processing purposes.

Rotary furnace heating sources are generally conventional electric type, diesel and gas-type three, in addition to hybrid and coal-fired type. According to the size of the production of a total of 12, 16, 22, 32, 64. According to the type of platform there are platform-type, hook-type, single carts, double carts. Control by the traditional distinction between instrument control, intelligent PLC touch screen control, dual-mode control. The material appearance and interior of the furnace are mostly stainless steel. The general machine can be shipped or bulk and field installation.