Stainless Pot Energy-Efficient Making Popcorn Ball Big Machine Popcorn

- Feb 06, 2018-

Brief introduction of gas popcorn machine:

1.Popcorn machine adopts imported corn, every granule is plump.

Vegetable oil instead of butter, add caramel together quickly stir-fried.

Popcorn under the 250-degree heat can burst whole pieces of corn kernels.

The burst of popcorn look big and golden, mix flour flavor, taste crispy and not greasy.

2.Raw material:U.S. imports of spherical corn, coconut oil and caramel.

3.Propotion:oil,corn and sugar is 1:1:1.

4.Spare parts required:The equipment is shipped as a whole package, customers only need liquefied gas bottle,install it,it will be able to ease to use.

Features of gas popcorn machine:

1. Multi-function and big capacity.

2.All stainless steel materials.

3.Safe and low noise.

4.Simple structure, easy operation.

5.High efficient heating element,two minutes/batch.