High Capacity Automatic Mixing Industrial Popcorn Making Machine For Popular Mushroom Popcorns Of All Flavors Caramel

- Feb 05, 2018-

Nowadays American style spherical mushroom popcorns are very popular around the world. However, with our popcorn machine, designed and manufactured by ourselves, our customers can produce same popcorns with much lower equipment cost. Our electric popcorn machine is fully automatic, very easy to operate and control. It is equipped with hydraulic pump station to tilt the mixing arm and bowl for automatic discharging. Only 3 to 4 mins can make ready one bowl of popcorns. Before discharging, customers can add special ingredients for different flavors. 

Main features:

◆Automatic operation with push buttons, PLC touch screen is customized as requested.

High productivity with 75kg popcorns per hour.

◆All materials are made by stainless steel 304, durable and healthy for food stuff.
◆Fully mix with planetary mixing system.
◆Variable mixing speeds can be controlled during processing of caramel popcorns.
◆Specially designed scrapers touching thoroughly inner surface of the bowl to avoid burning.
◆Mixing arm can be lifted up automatically.
◆Bowl can be tilted 90 degrees automatically to allow popcornscompletely discharged.

◆Safety assured to avoid any burning.