Information Of Egg Roll Making Machine

- Jan 19, 2018-

Oiler also known as gas egg roll making machine. Is a food production tool.

Egg roll making machine is also called gas egg roll machine, the machine is made of thick stainless steel plate, up and down for the thick cast iron template to overcome the egg roll machine is not high temperature, easy to damage weaknesses, the use of imported heating tube device, good heat resistance, the largest The limit of enhanced durability, the internal heating tube layout is reasonable, egg rolls heated evenly, bright color. Installation of adjustable temperature control device, temperature range 50-360 ℃, in the production process, heating, cooling, temperature control more accurate, to protect the superior quality products. Good safety performance, high temperature resistance, sustainable production of products, high efficiency, is the ideal equipment for the production of high quality egg roll in the domestic market.

Types of egg rolls

Egg Rolls We usually see two kinds of egg rolls.

The first type of household egg roll machine is electricity, the characteristics of household egg roll machine is easy to use. small volume.

The second is the style to be introduced above, making egg rolls with gas, large volume for a fixed job. The output is also more than the domestic egg roll machine.