Information Of Egg Roll Machine

- Jan 18, 2018-

Egg roll machine is currently the best-selling food consumer market - egg flower cake (egg roll) the ideal processing equipment. The machine has a reasonable process, the body lightweight, beautiful and practical features. Egg made of uniform fire color, bright color, crisp and delicious, clean and sanitary. Elected to high-quality formula, excellent color and fragrance, all ages Jie Jiapin. Imitation handmade egg roll machine, automatic control, one person operating a machine. Yellow crisp egg roll is a popular food for all ages in urban and rural areas, with its entrance that is, rich aroma, crisp taste, rich nutrition and loved by the people.

Egg machine production of egg rolls process

1, the use of 220V, three-wire plug marked with a symbol for the protection of ground, the installation of the socket grounding wire to avoid electric shock, to ensure safety.

2, the power will be turned on when the production, the egg roll machine out of the box, fitted with handles, clean the six pairs of egg roll mold with water, the stove on the support frame, connect the ventilation pipe; drum type egg roll machine Electronic ignition lit stove, the fire transferred to the appropriate size;

3. Then preheat for 15 minutes, turn the roller egg roll handle, the egg roll mold evenly heated to about 200 degrees; dip a small amount of cooking oil on the pressure template, wipe clean, with a spoon Sheng Sheng about one or two batter On the stamper, lower the stamper.

4. Using the force lever to open the mold, brush the mold coated with cooking oil, with the size of the spoon will be evenly mixed paste placed in the egg roll mold folder, fasten the mold can be followed by work to Six egg roll mold, the first plate has matured, then you can remove, then pour the paste, continue to cycle work.