Information Of Cotton Candy Machine

- Jan 15, 2018-

Cotton candy machine is a special machine for the production of cotton candy, Jinnuo is a small snack food machinery. Is a foot-type cotton candy machine, ruby cotton candy machine, hand-pulled cotton candy machine, A3-color cotton candy machine, luxury gas stainless steel cotton candy machine, direct thermal cotton candy machine.

This is a soft sticky waxy, colloidal and micro and elastic, containing moisture 10% to 20%, containing 20% to 30% of soft candy soft candy. Mainly made from the root of hollyhock. Has a certain medicinal effect.

Many flavors of cotton candy, strawberries, oranges, grapes, bananas, pineapple, mint, blueberry and many more. Colorful, very beautiful. Loose taste when eating, non-stick teeth, due to lower sweetness, suitable for rest or after meals. But can not eat too much.

Cotton candy from ancient Egypt. Beginning about 2,000 years ago, ancient Egyptians squeezed juice from the roots of the hollyhock, a plant-botanical drug used to treat sore throat and digestive disorders, and blended the juice with honey into a throat sugar.

Until the early nineteenth century, hollyhock was introduced into France. The French chef found that the mallow of hollyhock was mixed with water to form a thick gelatinous gel, and he invented the marshmallows mixed with syrup of marshmallow, syrup, protein and vanilla orchid seeds. In order to save costs and easy mass-production, the hollyhock's mucus has been replaced by gelatin, as one of the main materials of cotton candy.

Current marshmallows are made from sugar or corn syrup, stirred protein, water-softened gelatin, synthetic flavors and stabilizers.