Information Of Chocolate Fountain Machine

- Jan 12, 2018-

Chocolate fountain features

Use of PTC heating, energy saving environmental protection and energy saving; low noise, strong competing motor to make the machine rapid fountain waterfall; detachable plastic screw; 60 ℃ automatic temperature control chocolate to obtain the best viscosity temperature; anti-wear leakproof paddle 4-layer removable stainless steel waterfall tower; does not change the original characteristics of chocolate can quickly melt the chocolate; balance adjustment feet so that the machine vertical and steady safety; exposed 1.0m French plugs power cord; independent development of new leak-proof structure .

Use method

1, connect the power

2, the control panel on the middle button on the green light is on, that the machine can operate.

3, please press the third button to warm the machine. When it is hot, the red indicator light will be on.

4, the 1.0 to 2.0 kg of melted chocolate into the stainless steel plate.

5, press the first flow button to open the screw column rotation, this time the yellow light will light, must be completely melted chocolate can open the screw column rotation.

6, the rotating screw column from the bottom of the stainless steel plate melted chocolate pumping, and then back down from the top dish stainless steel plate, it formed a small waterfall-like state.

7, keep warm keep the button, which can make the chocolate melted state, so that fountain flow more smoothly.

8, the selected ingredients contaminated the chocolate in the flow can be.