Heavy Duty Spiral Dough Mixer For Baking Equipment

- Feb 14, 2018-

Product infomation of heavy duty dough mixer for baking equipment


1.Adopt high strength synchronous belt, triangle belt and chain for transmission.


2.The space parts touching face are made of advanced stainless steel.


3.Double motions and double speeds can reach strong gluten by stirring slowly, it makes dough's expansibility well.


4.Be extensively suitable for hotels,grogshops,bakeries,food factories,etc.



warm tips


1. keep the machine working in a clean surrounding and clean it regularly.


2. don't let solids mix into the bowl, the machine will be stucked ( even it have protective device,it may harm to the machine).


3. people need rest, so does the machine, do not keep the machine working stopless for a long time.


4. check the gear box regularly, once the lubricating oil is not enough,add it. its important, if you do not want to pay for new gear. 


5. If you are not skilled man, it is better let the technician repair the machine.



Heavy duty spiral dough mixer for baking equipment for packing