Use and principle of adding slate and steam to the oven

- Jul 15, 2019-

The purpose and principle of adding steam and slate to the oven are as follows:

The heat conduction of the iron plate is different. The heat conduction of the iron plate is that the short wave is slowly transmitted from the surface to the center, and after the stone plate, it will change from short wave to far infrared rays and directly penetrate. Direct heating from the inside can shorten the baking time.

The insulation performance of the slate is relatively good, and it is not easy to cool down when it comes into contact with the dough.

The role of steam is because 85% of the starch in the flour begins to gelatinize when the starch is at 56 ° C. The steam is sprayed to gelatinize the surface of the starch to keep the moisture from escaping, making the bread body soft and moist.

The steam will partially expand the dough. When the dough is removed from the fermentation and placed in the oven, the temperature of the dough is generally about 30 degrees. At this time, the temperature in the oven is more than 200 degrees. Before entering the furnace, first 2-3 seconds of steam, let the whole furnace wet, then put the bread into it, and then play steam for about 3 seconds, then the dough will quickly absorb the heat of the whole furnace and expand, some knife opening The dough absorbs the moist moisture and will slowly swell away from the open place. And if there is no open dough, there is no gas in the process of expansion, it will run around, resulting in irregular tearing of the bread.