The main role of food packaging machine

- Apr 22, 2018-

Packaging is a necessary condition for the product to enter the circulation field, and the main means of achieving packaging is the use of packaging machinery. With the development of the times and advances in technology, packaging machinery is playing an increasingly important role in the field of packaging. Its main functions are as follows:

(1) It can greatly improve labor productivity Slide tabletop blister sealer mechanical packaging is much faster than manual packaging, such as candy packaging, manual bagging sugar can only pack more than a dozen pieces for 1 minute, and candy packaging machine can reach hundreds of pieces per minute or even Thousands of pieces increase efficiency by several times.

(2) Can effectively guarantee the packaging quality According to the requirements of the packaged goods, the mechanical packaging can obtain the packaging with the same specifications according to the required form and size, and the manual packaging cannot be guaranteed. This is particularly important for export goods. Only mechanical packaging can meet the standardization and standardization of packaging, and meet the requirements of collective packaging.

(3) The operations that can not be achieved by manual packaging Some packaging operations, such as vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, body packaging, and isostatic filling, are all unmanageable by manual packaging and can only be achieved by mechanical packaging.

(4) Labor intensity can be reduced and working conditions can be improved Labor intensity of hand-packing is very high. For example, hand-packed bulky and heavy-weight products are both physically and insecurely used. For light and small products, due to their high frequency, Monotonous actions make workers vulnerable to occupational diseases. Folding box machine

(5) Labor protection is beneficial to workers. For products that seriously affect physical health, such as severe dust and toxic products, irritating and radioactive products, manual packaging will inevitably endanger health, and mechanical packaging can be avoided. Can effectively protect the environment from being polluted.

(6) Reducing packaging costs and saving storage and transportation costs Loose products such as cotton, tobacco, silk, and hemp can be compressed and packed using a compression packaging machine, which can greatly reduce the volume and thus reduce the packaging cost. At the same time, because the volume is greatly reduced, the storage capacity is saved and the storage cost is reduced, which is favorable for transportation.

(7) Can reliably ensure product hygiene Certain products, such as food and drug packaging, are not allowed to be packaged by hand according to the hygiene law, because they will contaminate the product, and the mechanical package avoids direct contact with food and drugs by human hands. Quality of hygiene.

(8) The development of related industries can be promoted Packaging machinery is an integrated science. It involves various disciplines such as materials, processes, equipment, electronics, electrical appliances, and automatic control. It requires all related disciplines to develop synchronously and harmoniously. Any discipline The problems will affect the overall performance of the packaging machinery. Therefore, the development of packaging machinery will effectively promote the progress of related disciplines. In addition, in order to meet the needs of packaging machinery for high-speed packaging, its related processes are bound to adapt to it, and thus promote the simultaneous development of related processes.