Development characteristics of the food packaging machinery industry

- Apr 21, 2018-

The technical innovation capability of the food packaging machinery industry in China is very weak, the start is late, the scientific research strength is insufficient, and the foundation is not solid enough, which has seriously affected the development of China's food industry to some extent.

There are about 1,300 varieties of food packaging machinery in China, lacking high-tech, high-precision, high-quality accessory products, low product performance, poor stability and reliability, short life, rough surface treatment, and unattractive appearance. In terms of product development, it still basically remains in the test imitation stage, and its own development capacity is not strong, and scientific research investment is low. The funds only account for 1% of sales, while the developed countries are as high as 8% to 10%. At present, the development of China's food packaging machinery has the following characteristics:

I. Productivity of food packaging machinery companies and mechanical and electrical integration are low

This will, to a certain extent, reduce the environmental protection of the profitability of food packaging machinery companies, directly affect the reduction of R&D expenditures on food packaging machinery by enterprises, and the vicious circle of insufficient scientific research strength.

Second, most food packaging machinery enterprises are mainly based on production

Stand-alone production has a meager profit and can not obtain packaged sales orders, but its technical content is moderate, it is affordable, and it is suitable for the economic conditions of developing countries and regions, such as the ASEAN countries and the Africa region. The future export business to these countries and regions has broad prospects. .

At present, it is an urgent problem for food packaging machinery companies to improve the scientific research strength of food packaging machinery and quickly complete market transformation.