Sealed on all sides of shrink packaging machine

- Apr 16, 2018-

The product is wrapped around with a flat film or a tubular film with a lap-type seal. For product packaging that requires sealing.

(1) The L-type sealing method can be used for the folded film, and the film is folded on the roll. The film is pulled out to a certain length in a horizontal position. The open end is opened mechanically or manually, and the product is pushed to the crease.

(2) Pillow bag packaging can be used with a single flat film. This method is to use a single flat film, first seal the longitudinal seam into a tube, push the product into it, and then seal the transverse joint cut into a pillow-type package or tie the two ends into a barrel package.

(3) It is similar to the two-sided open type with double flat film four-side sealed type packaging, and it can be completed only by having two side sealing devices on the machine.

(4) Wrapping with a tubular film requires sealing and piercing at the same time as cutting the tubular film, followed by thermal shrinkage. The needle is often punctured beside the sealer. When the sealer is heat-sealed, the puncture needle punctures the bleed hole on the film. After the heat shrinkage, the hole is often closed by itself.