Water Filtration Equipment

- May 10, 2018-

(1) Gravel filtration equipment (multimedia filtration equipment) Gravel filter (multimedia filter) is a layered anthracite, sand, finely divided garnet or other material as a bed of mechanical filtration equipment, its principle To filter by depth the particles of different granularity in water, the larger particles are removed at the top layer, and the smaller particles are removed at a deeper position in the filter media, so that the water quality reaches the standard after coarse filtration, and the SDI of water is reduced ( The sludge density index value meets the water quality requirements for deep purification.

(2) Activated carbon filter Activated carbon has an adsorption effect, and there is a certain degree of turbidity removal. The main structure and arrangement of the activated carbon filter are similar to those of the sand filter. Therefore, activated carbon adsorption is also referred to as activated carbon filtration. Activated carbon filtration is mainly used for organic impurity in water and colloidal fine particle impurities in water. It can also be used for dechlorination.

(3) Sand Mandrel Filters Sand mandrel filters, also known as sand filter rod filters, are available in water treatment equipment. It is mainly suitable for water treatment with less water and only organic matter, bacteria and other impurities in the water.

(4) Microporous filter Microfiltration is a new type of membrane separation technology. It can filter out the filtrate, gas particles and bacteria above 0.01μm. Its characteristics are high capture capacity, large filter area, long service life, high filtration accuracy, low resistance, large mechanical strength, no peeling, strong acid and alkali resistance, and easy to use. This filter can filter out most of the particles, so it is widely used in fine filtration and sterilization process.