The Third Stage Of Development Of The Food Machine

- Mar 22, 2018-

Since the reform era after the 1980s, the food industry has grown rapidly. This has benefited from entering the third phase, opening up the policy, with the introduction of foreign capital, there have been many foreign-owned, joint ventures and other forms of food processing companies. While introducing advanced food production technology into the country, these enterprises also introduced a large number of advanced food machinery into the country. Affected by this, coupled with the increase in the quality, variety, and quantity requirements of food processing by society, it has greatly advanced the development process and speed of China's food industry and food machinery manufacturing industry. At this stage, through the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced food machinery technology, the development level of China's food machinery industry has been greatly improved. In the mid-1980s, China's grain processing and food processing industries implemented the first round of large-scale technological transformation projects. After this round of technological renovation projects, the food industry has fully realized mechanization and automation. After entering the 1990s, a new round of technological transformation projects were carried out. In this round of technical reforms, many grain processing plants and food processing plants have upgraded their equipment, either directly introducing a full set of advanced foreign equipment, or adopting domestic manufacturers to digest and absorb and produce new types of machinery and equipment. It can be said that these two rounds of technical upgrading projects have greatly promoted the development of the food machinery industry. The food machinery industry has completely formed an independent machinery industry.