The Knowledge Of Tumbler

- Mar 25, 2018-

Tumbler is the use of the principle of physical impact, so that the meat in the drum up and down flip, hit each other, beat, massage, pickle effect.

Hydraulic tumbler working principle: The hydraulic tumbler adopts variable frequency stepless speed regulation, and the speed range is 3-12 rpm (you can select 1-4 rpm low speed function). Steady start, reduce the impact of the machine start, extend equipment life. Specially configured accessories vacuum suction pipe. Using (optional) PLC and touch screen control, the total working time can be divided into a maximum of six process cycles, each process cycle is divided into two steps, each step individually set the time, speed, vacuum status, and steering. Satisfy the processing requirements of diverse products. High standard hygiene design. The whole machine adopts SUS304 high-quality stainless steel material; the inside of the kneading barrel is finely polished, there is no sanitary corner, and the discharge position can be completely drained. Optional "V-shaped" and "single-piece" blades, different tumbling force, adapt to different products.