The Knowledge Of Flaky Pastry Machine

- Apr 02, 2018-

The flaky pastry machine is made up of two matching single machines, including a filling machine and a kneading machine. Compared with the common flaky pastry machine, the machine host integrates the noodle machine and the filling machine, which makes the whole host more convenient and smooth. . The entire unit and the food contact part are made of high-quality stainless steel to ensure smooth, reliable and sanitary production. The dough passes through the rolling and rolling of the three pressing surface rollers and the rolling device to make the dough more glossy and the quality is more stable. Each press surface wheel has a thickness adjustment device to set the thickness of the dough to increase or decrease the weight of the product. The dough has electric eyes controlling the speed between the pressing roller and the thin device, so that the dough will not be blocked due to the host conveying speed is too fast and broken or too slow; after the last host pressing surface wheel, the dough will fall on the host conveyor belt. In the above, the stuffing parts are stuffed, and then the dough is rolled into strips via a reel and an auxiliary reel; the split kneading machine is opened, and the cut length is set to determine the length dimension and weight of the product; Speed control function, more convenient operation. The independent cutter holder can be replaced with a cutter holder for different products. The cutter holder is durable and easy to clean. After filling, the pastry surface of the pastry roll is closed by the kneading machine, grouped and formed so that the pastry has a uniform thickness and a stable gluten. Imitation of pure hand-made, to ensure that the product baking process is not affected, the appearance of smooth, smooth, natural, beautiful, crisp layered.