Bread Slicer

- Jan 27, 2018-

Bread slicer is my company combined with the characteristics of food machinery industry, based on the merits of similar products, developed bread slicer, the machine uses imported blades and special mechanical structure, the food processing, with fast, uniform, neat and so on Features.

The machine is beautiful in appearance and generous in design. The operation is simple and convenient, the operation is stable, safe and reliable, and has wide adaptability. It is an ideal helper for bakery, cake shop, restaurant and hotel.

Bread slicer Product Description:

1. Suitable for a variety of rectangular bread slices, bread, toast, bread and other products for slicing;

2.Professional design, cutting strength average, cut surface formation, shredding and cutting processing;

Imported blade, sharp and durable, fast, high efficiency, safe and reliable;

4. Using stainless steel blanking plate, receiving plate, limit line support, limit plate, in line with current health standards;

Limit line support, adjustable limit plate;

6 using high-quality motor, torque, low noise;

7. High efficiency, quiet operation.