The Precautions of Double-Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

- Apr 09, 2018-

Please be careful not to pump water, oil, or powdery items, which can easily cause damage to the machine.

1. Turn on the power, turn on the power switch, and the indicator lights up. Set the time relay, adjust the pumping, heat sealing time (the first two digits represent the vacuuming time: if 28 represents 28 seconds. After the two digits represent the sealing II time: if 12 represents 1.2 seconds). Vacuum pumping and heat sealing time can be adjusted by pressing “+” at the time relay. (Some time relays can be adjusted by Kawasaki knob. The specific configuration depends on the actual product)

2. The on-board key switch adjusts the heating temperature, the key switch is divided into 3 levels, and the HIGH is selected as the high temperature, the LOW is the low level, and the ref is the non-heating level. (The double chamber type inconvenience is divided into four levels)

3. Note that the vacuum pumping time is adjusted by the long and short time. When the vacuum gauge reaches a 0. 1MPa, it can be extended by 1-2 seconds. The heating time should be set shorter and slowly longer. It is best to choose the low N first.

4. When operating, listen to the vacuum pump for any abnormal noise. Complete all the debugging work before entering the cycle to run the production operation.

5. Open the packing bag trimmer and place the packaged bag into the working room. Place the sealing section on the silicone rubber strip. Place the bag over the silicone rubber strip. Do not overlap the bag. Press the bagging bar over the bag to press the mouth of the bag. it is good.

6. (or press the top cover edge) press down on the studio, cover, the machine will automatically complete the vacuum packaging process according to the program and take the initiative to open the cover, some equipment is equipped with emergency stop switch.

7. Open the vacuum cover, take out the bag, and complete a work cycle.

8. Turn off the power switch and pull out the power plug when you finish the work.