The Future Trend of Food Packaging Machinery

- Apr 27, 2018-

In recent years, China's food and packaging machinery manufacturing industry has shown a good momentum of development. The product sales revenue index has risen steadily and is increasing at an average annual rate of 18%. In 2011, the production and sales of China's food and packaging machinery industry were stable. The total industrial output value was about 220 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.5%. The import and export trade of China's food and packaging machinery manufacturing industry has changed from slow development to rapid growth, with an obvious increase. The average annual growth rate of import and export volume is 14.8%. Among them, the average annual growth rate of imports was 13.1%, and the average annual growth rate of exports was 27.7%.

Around the food cold sterilization, high efficiency separation, drying, packaging and other aspects, researchers have developed nearly a hundred new devices and new equipment, some of the technology and equipment research and development reached the international advanced level, and provide strong support for the subsequent strong development of China's food industry. The newly developed equipment and technologies mainly include cold sterilization technology and equipment for foods, including three kinds of cold sterilization equipment such as continuous high-density carbon dioxide, high-voltage pulsed electric field and strong magnetic field; anti-pollution membrane and membrane flux efficient recovery technology and equipment; high-efficiency separation and extraction Technology and equipment, including ultrasonic extraction technology and equipment, molecular distillation refining technology and equipment, and high-voltage pulsed electric field extraction equipment; high-efficiency energy-saving drying equipment, including collector-greenhouse solar drying equipment, hybrid solar drying equipment and solar energy Heating chamber type drying room, far infrared microwave vacuum combined drying equipment, vacuum freeze drying equipment, etc.; simulated moving bed continuous chromatographic separation technology and equipment; key equipment for meat slaughter and processing; complete potato powder and starch processing technology and equipment; Low-temperature cold-pressing technology and large-scale system equipment for double-low oilseed rape; ocean-going ultra-low temperature freezing equipment; new food packaging materials and new equipment, such as active film fresh-keeping packaging materials, ceramic film packaging material production units, cast film and vegetable paper Forming technology and equipment and complete degradation package product processing complete technology Means; internal quality of fruit fast line detection system.