Maintenance of the Baguette shaping machine

- Jul 16, 2019-

Baguette shaping machine daily maintenance content

1. Cleaning the upper and lower scrapers and rollers: Open the outer cover, pry the springs at both ends of the scraper to the inside, and then move the scraper to the right to remove the scraper, clean the scraper with a soft cloth, and then use the roller The sticky dough is clean and the scraper is replaced. (Note: The power must be turned off when cleaning.)

2. Cleaning of the conveyor belt and the uphill wool blanket: Open the front outer cover, you can see the two tension springs fixed under the belt, pull the tension spring to remove the belt from above, and then remove the uphill wool blanket. Brush clean the conveyor belt and the uphill wool blanket. (Note: Do not use a wet towel or water to clean directly when cleaning, so as to avoid mold and deformation of the conveyor belt and wool blanket)

Baguette  shaping machine weekly maintenance content:

1. Clean the plastic machine around and keep the whole machine clean.

2. Put your hands under the recycled wool blanket and lift it up. Remove the recycled wool blanket and clean the wool blanket and recovery board for cleaning.

Baguette shaping machine monthly maintenance content:

1. Check the various transmission components inside the machine.

2. Add butter to the chain.

3. Check the tightness and deviation of the conveyor belt.