Four points to use the electric oven

- Jul 09, 2019-

1. Recognize the texture of the material

The fiber of the meat is thicker and the volume is larger. Therefore, the temperature cannot be adjusted too high at one time. It can be cooked at a lower temperature and for a longer period of time, so as to avoid the unsoiled sputum of the outer skin. Smaller and thinner, or as the seafood is tenderer, can be done with higher temperatures and shorter times.

2. Make good use of auxiliary tools

Aluminum foil is an indispensable helper for the oven. It can be used not only to protect the bottom of the stove, but also to prevent the soup from dripping and to stain the body. It can also wrap the food to maintain the appearance of the ingredients. It also has a temperature barrier to prevent direct heating and affect the taste of the food. And the appearance of the finished product, can also be used as a container to hold food.

In addition, clips and thick gloves are indispensable tools for picking up food and moving the baking tray and grill. They are also necessary to protect against burns.

As for some high-temperature resistant plates and soups of different materials, they can be filled according to the needs of food, heated directly in the oven, and then served directly to the table, which is necessary for some special dishes.

3. Diligently clean up inside and outside

The used oven, it is inevitable that the oil stains and the soup are sticky due to dripping, so it is best to clean up the remaining temperature when it is used up. If it is left in the accumulation, it will not be easy to clean it after a certain period of time. Each time the cleaning helps the pipeline to be smooth, or by the way, whether the parts are loose, the doors and windows are tight, and the more complete the oven can be used to adjust the best oven dishes.

4. In the baking food, open the oven door, pay attention to prevent burns

The food baked in the oven, its color and flavor is excellent, it will increase appetite and appetite. There are also many ways to process food in the oven. You will use the oven to add color to the dishes on your table.