Electric oven structure features

- Jul 17, 2019-

    The structure of the electric oven is very simple, basically consists of a box, a box door, a heater, a thermostat, and a power selection switch. Each component has a different characteristics.

    The structure of the box body is composed of inner and outer shells, and a thick layer of heat insulating material between the inner shells is used for the purpose of heat insulation. There is a layer of paint on the surface of the outer casing, a baking room in the middle of the inner casing, and some grills. A heat-resistant tempered glass is embedded in the door to observe the baking condition of the food. A handle is arranged on the door of the box, and a bow hinge is arranged on both sides of the lower end of the handle, so that the door can be automatically closed; the principle of the heater is to use a far infrared tubular electric heating element or a far infrared quartz glass heating tube. Quartz electric heating tubes are widely used due to their small size and high thermal efficiency. The far-infrared tubular heating element of the heater or the far-infrared quartz glass heating tube is also the main component of the infrared heater and the infrared disinfection cabinet; the common one in the temperature regulator is the bimetal thermostat, which is deformed by the bimetal. Recovery to control the on and off of the contact, so that the heater intermittent heat to achieve the purpose of constant temperature, rotating the shaft can adjust the baking temperature, generally between 50 to 250 degrees Celsius; timer. Commonly used clock structure timer, when the shape uses the clockwork to walk, the walking starts, the circuit is turned on; when the walking ends, the contacts are separated, the circuit is cut off, and the ringtone is sounded at the same time.