Baking machinery industry development direction

- Jul 26, 2019-

    In recent years, the domestic policy and economic situation have improved, the baking industry has been favorable to development conditions, and the space for the baking machinery industry to rise is also very large. It is expected that there will be a big improvement in the next few years. In the future, the baking industry will develop in two main directions. First, the use of information technology tends to be intelligent, and second, it will move toward energy conservation.

Improve the ability of independent innovation

    In recent years, with the integration and adjustment of the baking industry, the competitiveness of baking machinery has become more and more important. From the past price competition to the research and development competition, improving the independent innovation ability will become an important support for improving the overall quality of baking machinery. It is necessary to intensify technological innovation and rely on major scientific and technological projects to break through core and key technologies.

   In addition, we must strengthen the construction of industrial talents, including entrepreneurs, professional and technical personnel, industrial workers, industrial talents, etc. In order to strengthen the capacity building of independent innovation and improve the overall quality of the industry, we can get rid of the development process. The accumulation of independent innovation capability, high dependence on external components, relatively backward development of high-end product technology and weak market development capabilities, the future development of the baking machinery industry has begun to become digital intelligent and ecological energy-saving.

Direction 1: Intelligent

    At present, the new technologies popularized in food machinery mainly include nanotechnology, intelligent technology, membrane separation technology, cold sterilization technology, and extrusion technology. Among them, nanotechnology and intelligent technology have great advantages in baking food machinery. Nano-ceramics have good wear resistance and toughness. They can be used in the manufacture of knives and bearings and seal rings for food machinery to improve their corrosion resistance and wear resistance. After many years of operation and development, baked food machinery. It is transforming from traditional simple machinery to automated machinery.

    Intelligent technology has been widely used in the control system of baking machinery. Intelligent electronic control components can effectively connect the single machines of the baking machinery, which can improve the production efficiency and the potential of the machine itself. Computer technology in intelligent technology can significantly improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and enhance product market competitiveness.

Direction 2: Energy saving

    In recent years, energy conservation has become the principle and goal of industrial development. From the perspective of energy conservation, the development of energy-saving baking machinery is the trend of the times, and the development of subcritical and supercritical high parameters to meet the needs of the development of low energy consumption in the food processing industry.

    In recent years, due to the good domestic investment environment and the growing demand for baked goods, China's baking machinery industry will attract new opportunities for continuous growth. Energy conservation and emission reduction, reducing energy consumption are not only the performance of corporate social responsibility, but also the needs of their own development. Saving resources means reducing costs and increasing profits. Enterprises should clearly define their own status as energy conservation and emission reduction, and should set an example for improving the environment.